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Trump Impeachment Backfiring
The House Democrats persistence in attempting to impeach President Trump appears to be backfiring. Voters from across the political divide seem unimpressed by the ‘articles of impeachment’ provided - with many commentators suggesting the behaviour of senior democrats actually constitutes an abuse of power. Trump is of course trying to take full advantage of proceedings by rallying his supporters.
Oil prices steady as trade deal edges closer
Following months of wrangling between the US and China the end is finally in sight, as the world’s leading economies seem prepared to do a provisional deal. Causing the price of oil to steady near three-month highs, as many believe a trade deal would support global fuel consumption, thus maintaining prices in the higher range.
British General Election Aftermath
Since the British electorate chose to send one of the largest Tory majority’s back to Westminster last week, the country has been buoyed by positive economic data as GBP soared and British stocks attracted the attention of investors, in fact leading to record data in European Indexes.
Boeing Stocks Hit by MAX 737 Production Halt
Boeing and its suppliers faced a sharp fall in shares on Monday, this followed reports that the manufacturer was suspending production of the 737 MAX aircraft. Costing billions of dollars and affecting the company's bottom line.
USMCA Mexico Trade Deal Dispute
The Mexican foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard insisted on Monday that a dispute over US labour attaches would not put the new USMCA trade deal at risk.